February 16, 2008

Stixy for Thinking

Stixy is a handy online space that fills a niche for non-linear, visual thinkers as a place to collaborate on and share ideas.

After signing up for an account you are able to create a new board to which you can post images, notes, and documents – arrange and rearrange things on your board by clicking and dragging them around. It is also possible to invite people to participate on your board. All they need is an email address to receive your invitation.

At work I’ve been using a board to collect thoughts, links, and images for the next time I have to talk about Second Life. You can view the board here.


As a space, Stixy seems well suited for storytelling, group work, or process writing. I’m curious to hear if anyone has ever used it in their class.


  • this seems a lot like mindmapping. I haven’t had the chance yet to investigate freemind. I wonder if either of these permit collaborative mapping. eg, can “comments” consist of moving the storyboard around and arranging or rearranging the the concepts?

  • Stixy would be more appropriate for storyboarding than it would be for concept mapping I think. There is no real way in Stixy to link thinks together with lines. FreeMind would be much better for that.

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