University Web Sites and the People that Love/Hate Them

Developing for a university can be different in many ways than working for other clients...

Behind every university web site is a team (or, heaven forbid, one lone person) striving to make that site the most attractive, accessible, usable resource for the population they serve. Too much? Ok, well we at least want to do the best that we can with the time, inspiration, and administrative feedback we have. This can sometimes lead to a love/hate relationship between the developers and their site(s). Love for the creativity and satisfaction that comes from building a site and the inevitable frustration from the barrage of diverse feedback. Developing for a university can be different in some many ways than working for other clients, most notably because there seem to be many more people who feel they have a stake in what the site looks like, how it works, you get the idea…

Well edu developers, you’re not alone. Take a look at what you’re peers are doing at eduStyle, a gallery or university web sites – leave a comment, vote designs up or down, or just browse.

Better yet, join a community like the University Web Developers network on ning.

University Web Developers

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