Catching Up

Summer has a way of making you feel a little more human

Summer has a way of making you feel a little more human up here in Alaska with all the sun and good weather (that we normally have). Inevitably, feeling more human means we step away from our computers a little more often… and forget about The List of things we keep meaning to get around to. Well, writing here has been one of those things on The List for me that I have let slide.

I’ve been wondering the past few days what the participants of this year’s iDesign and iTeach were up to in their busy lives. No doubt many have been on a trip or two since I’ve seen them last. I’m going to cruise through my blog subscriptions to see if I can find any evidence to confirm my hypothesis.

Over the summer we’ve been working on the iTeach web site and the main blog on Rhetorica. If you are a past participant of iTeach, we are trying to pull the latest posts from your blogs into the iTeach site. Likewise, we are doing the same thing on the main blog on Rhetorica, capturing the latest posts from the instructional designers here a CDE. The iDesign web site will also be adding similar features not too long from now.

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