Learning Expression Engine

the EE documentation was consistently the most helpful resource for answering questions

On the tail end of the 11th hour I thought I’d blog SOMETHING since this week was actually one of my assigned weeks to blog. There are two big projects I’m finishing up now, the changes to the Distance Gateway (which haven’t launched yet), and the Engage web site which we worked on for Cooperative Extension. The Engage site is now officially in beta as they begin to add some actual content. I’m curious to see what it looks like after it has filled out over a few months.

A while back we had decided to build the site using Expression Engine, a first for me. It seems lately I’ve been building a whole lot of WordPress sites. Expression Engine is about as easy to work with as WordPress, but for different reasons – all stemming from the fact that when push comes to shove WP is a blogging platform and EE is a content management system, so it isn’t a straight apples-to-apples camparison between the two. I will say that, in general terms, developing a site in WP or EE takes about the same amount of effort once you’re reasonably familiar with the systems.

I’m planning on writing a few posts around my initial experience with EE while all the questions and fuzzies are still fresh in my head, in the hope that it will straighten a few things out for me, and possibly help someone else out. I will add just one more thing about helping – the EE documentation was consistently the most helpful resource for answering questions.

More on EE to come as I try to collect this last project into something coherent.

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