NMC 2009 – More Than Meets the Eye: Using Google Earth and Geo Spacial Apps for Storytelling, Teaching and Finding Your Way

keep in mind that you can make use of geotagging tools, GPS data, and GIS integration (in the case of GE Pro) to create your maps

An NMC 2009 presentation by Keene Haywood
The resources for the entire presentation can be found at https://drop.io/nmc_google_earth

During his presentation Keene highlighted a number of features of Google Earth that make it a powerful tool for visualization and learning. This particular session was well attended with standing room only. Below are highlights of the topics he touched on and links to projects he shared with the group.

The Gallery Layer in Google Earth features data pulled in from other online services like:

  • 360cities.net – Dedicated to promoting geo-mapped, VR panorama photography and VR photographers around the world.
  • gigapan.org – An interesting service to explore in itself, GigaPan was developed by Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group, with support from Google. It is the newest development of the Global Connection Project, which aims to help meet neighbors across the globe, and learn about the planet. GigaPan consists of three technological developments: a robotic camera mount, custom software, and a new type of website for exploring, sharing and commenting on gigapixel panoramas.

Timeline imagery: in Google Earth 5 they’ve included all the historical satellite imagery they have. A number of projects are taking advantage of the historical data visualisation capabilities, as well as mashing additional information with it. Some projects mentioned were:

Tours in Google Earth
Dreaming New Mexico – Go to different sites in New Mexico
Google has posted many GE tours https://google.com/plugin/tours

How can you create your own tours

  1. Record the tour in GE
  2. Use the Google Earth plugin embed gadget to prepare the tour if you’d like to share it on your web site – https://www.gmodules.com/ig/creator
  3. Copy/Paste code generated from the gadget into your web site

Google Earth Mashups

If you’re interested in creating your own visualization using Google Earth keep in mind that you can make use of geotagging tools, GPS data, and GIS integration (in the case of GE Pro) to create your maps.

Great job, Keene, I really enjoyed your presentation.

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