Dynamic Charts with Google’s Spreadsheets and Forms

I’ve been experimenting in ways of gathering data via Google forms and displaying them as charts that automatically update as submissions are made to the forms. The charts can then be embedded in a web page (like this one), and update as the data in the spreadsheet is updated.

The example below was inspired by the AMT F101 class I took last Spring. IN that class each student was responsible for observing and recording weather conditions at their locations. We then shared our findings via screencasts. Since then I’ve been kicking around how else to conduct that observation/measurement activity.

It turns out that the tools in Google Drive can help a lot with this sort of activity. I’ve setup a Google form that collects all of the weather measurements I want to record, and I’ve embedded it below.

After the form is filled out and submitted, it updates the table in my spreadsheet that tracks all of the submissions made through the form. I’ve inserted some charts into that spreadsheet based on the data being collected so that I can visualize the high/low temperatures each day, as well as changes in the atmospheric pressure over time. The charts are embedded below.

You’ll note that if you submit the form, the charts below update as well after you refresh the page. (view the raw spreadsheet)

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