Test Post Using Publish to WordPress

Test Post Using Publish to WordPress

Publish to WordPress is an Addon for the Chrome browser that enables users to publish content they have authored in a Google Doc to a WordPress site. This is very convenient for those of us who keep our syllabi, course schedules, and other course-related documents stored in Drive. Insert other imagined scenarios for use here.

This is something worth trying out for your own WordPress publishing experiments. I wouldn’t recommend it for most instructors on our community installation of WordPress. Setup requires that the WordPress user be able to log into their community site with their WP account stored in the database on the community.uaf.edu installation (not Shibbloeth), to give permission to the Addon script to run. This is something most users on community.uaf.edu will be unable to do, unless they are Super Admins, or they have bribed one to help them.

If you want to try it for yourself, a few things will have to happen:
1. Jetpack must be activated on the WordPress site
2. The WordPress site must be connected to your wordpress.com account
3. You must be able to log into community.uaf.edu (if enabling a community site) with your local account to activate the addon

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